Ikea stole my inner go-force

No……typey…….tonight…………..please…………too………………………….much……………………..Ikea……………..with kids……………………..here:

sooooooooooo exhausted…

you understand.

Sorry about the tongue. I’m THAT tired. I wonder if anyone ever tried to put clothing onto tongues…due to inappropriateness? Like…they are an inner part…they should not be seen being outerly? I’m probably going to dream about tongue clothes now, huh?

What? The antlers? Well…..you know…..Ikea.


Slow going projects

Today could have been busier, but I’m really glad it wasn’t. I’m beat!

 Born to dance!

This one has been sporting her Aunty Hee-Hee-made tutu EVERY DAY this month. No joke. She calls it her diddlee. :D Anything related to dancing is “diddlee” as well. I think this one needs a dance class. Pronto. She also ADORES Angelina Ballerina. ….ok, so do I….

So while she frolicked with her brother…

This is how they frolic.

I spray painted the birdcage which will soon house our crystal chandelier. I also figured out how to fit the chandelier inside the cage…since, yes, I’ve figured out they are, in fact, the exact same size as each other. BUT! NO REGRETS!!!! This will still be spectacular!!!! We’re just going to clip through the seams of the birdcage and open it up a little. That won’t even show…it’ll be in back, and it won’t involve performing surgery on my chandelier. A friend made a good suggestion to heat it and, using leather gloves, just press it out from the inside…but I can see myself getting very hurt. And, having worked with jewelry, I can see where I might end up melting the whole thing inadvertently. :D No thanks, I’ll find my clippers or jewelry saw.


This is the “after”. With snow. Because we usually get some snow in October, but I don’t think it’s going to happen this year, so booooo, I had to pretend. I used that flat black heat proof stove paint. You know….to be prepared. Cuz we’re all boy scouts here. :> Ok, that’s all we had and worked in a pinch. But my husband WAS a boy scout. Which is a GOOD thing. Because of the beeeaaarrrrs. THE BEARS!!!!!!!

Here is my hubs making our new front door blush. We both worked on sanding it today…this thing is a time sucker!!!!! He’s using a foam brush now so it won’t leave all the unhappy looking brush strokes. I mean, this wasn’t intended to be a Van Gogh  Yet, it looks like that’s what I was going for. :b Sorry, Van Gogh ghost….please don’t haunt me since I dissed your technique. I wonder if when Van Gogh (the alived one) had to paint his new front door…did he make it all crazy brush-strokey or did he try for a smooth finish??? Well, if any of you are super psychic then find out for me, will ya? I doubt google has anything on it.

…ok, I just checked. Google doesn’t mention it it any obvious way. But look at this-

Van Gogh, approximately age 13

Doesn’t his hair, at ~age 13 actually look like his painting technique? His swirly, swimmy brush strokes…like the current in a full canal. That’s interesting. *Psychic reader: ask Van Gogh if his hair inspired-or is in any way related to-his painting technique!!!*

I haven’t mentioned the chairs I’m going to paint, have I? Well, here they are!

I’m going to paint the seat/back/possibly arms the same Chianti color as my door and the legs…and perhaps the arms…a dark silvery metallic paint so it is reminiscent of this look…and maybe this one as well:

…only darker…and silverier.

I’m also contemplating reupholstering a random table chair we have. I’ve done it before and it looked nice with its new iridescent oceany green/blue fabric…then we had kids…and the kids like the “squishy chair” the best…and now it needs help. I’ll get to that in a future post though.

I need to get to bed earlier! My sister, Heather, said so. And she’s right. I want to get up early enough to get everyone out of here and to the library with plenty of time to look around for the lonely books tomorrow. It takes us 4 hours to get out of the house most days. I have no clue why…..well, I suppose between the making breakfast-usually eggs with a veggie or fruit or yogurt or bacon…sometimes just a smoothy if we’re running late, then there’s the nursing of the little one-usually twice before we can get out of the house-and the whole I-want-to-look-better-when-I-leave-the-house-than-I-do-when-I’m-asleep thing…and of course getting the kids ready for the day. Aaaaaaahhhh time…my friemisis (friend/nemisis…heavy on the “isis” part in an unrelated-to-any-goddesses type way).

Anyway, I made my bed again, so I should pass out nicely. …hopefully….maybe I’ll grab a mug o nighty night tea before attempting sleep tonight.


***In good Halloween month spirit, if you comment with what you were most afraid of as a child I’ll protect your nose from***

****The Gobbly Nose Goblins!!!****

I’m pretty sure my scariest childhood lights-out fear was actually goblins. There were a lot of troll stories in my family…not many goblins, but they were so much scarier!!!! I used to hide my fingers in a fist…thumb in…whole body and head under the covers and I’d practice breathing really slow so no goblins…or witches…would see me move and GOBBLE ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shiver!!!*


And I’ll take mine in dark chianti purple and….maybe pale green contrast.

First side of the door is mostly done….however, I was being an amazing mom and let the kids help “paint” the primer on….and by paint I mean layer upon layer of mushing grey primer all over one spot….letting it dry a teeensy bit, then mooshing more primer on….so….I thought coats and coats of purple paint would save it. Turns out I thought wrong. (I know…shocking…it can happen.)

SO I got me some sand paper and a block and tomorrow I’m gonna sand that baby till it’s flat as a …..very very flat thing….THEN I’ll paint the final purple chianti coat on it, wait a day, flip it, paint it a bunch and then hang it up!!!

This beautiful purple door will not only effectively keep our warm air IN the house (Note: I have learned, after being drilled on this about 87 times by the hubs, that cold air does not come into the house…..heat leaves the house. So, now you know this VERY IMPORTANT FACTUAL LAW OF SCIENCE!!!!!!!…you have my permission to brag to all your friends.), it ALSO will welcome positive opportunity into our lives. Because of the purple. It’s true, I read it on the internet.


It HAS to be true…it was feng shui-y and ancient chinese mediciney and…had other…thruths. So there, it’s true. OPPORTUNITY, welcome!

Yeah, and then someday after I paint my whole house inside and out I will find a color that is poifect for the damask contrasting color and GO AT IT!!!!!!!!! EXCEPT I will awesomize mine EVEN more….probably by doing something kinda like this thingy-

only more intricately and…probably less banana, more forest theme. T-rex will likely make an appearance. Thor, the man-eating spider probably not. I dunno…T-rex is nice and protective of the opportunity welcoming while Thor, the man-eating spider kinda says, “Come here so I can munchy munchy on your cerebral cortex!!!…I MEAN…I just want to….smell your hair…yeeeeeaaaaah.” Thor needs to work on his subtleties.

Ok, Now that you are amazed at my go-get-em-ness and you know now that my HOA is not as nazi-ish as they could be, I’m going to bed. Time to sleep in that nice, made bed. Ahhhhh.

Really, make your bed! Day three, still going strong and I’m loven the good sleeping mojo!

See ya next time! Don’t let the yetis eat your skull shaped ice cubes or your frozen homemade catfood or your frozen beef liver!!!! Oh…you don’t have those things in your freezer? Hmm…what DO you have in there? Now I MUST KNOW!!!!!



Awesome Birdcage Chandelier Lamp non-update

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo….it was very dampish todaaaaayyy….and I realized (after cleaning) the birdcage thingy needs a coat of paint. I was going to just leave it rusticy looking…but then I saw some rust and decided rustic is cool, rusty….not exactly what I’m goin for. And since it was damp I took NO pictures. You know…because of the evil and magical good-photo-stealing abilities of mist.

AND I think some chandelier lipo surgery may be in order, but I’m holding off on being sure until I paint the rusty de-poopified cage.

*****URGENT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****

Drayke just named our dishwasher “Bobcat”, our freezer “Frozen” and our clock “Cupcake”. I think there’s a healthy coexistence of reality and imagination there.

*****URGENT UPDATE: COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****

IF I wake up early enough tomorrow (no.) then I’ll hit the library and research lonely things. That will probably wait till monday…as most wake-up-early things can do.

And nooooowwww………..I leave you with PROFOUND inspiration!!!!!!

Meanwhile, in your freezer…..

Photo credit goes to someone, somewhere, most likely related to http://www.thinkgeek.com.

See ya next time! Don’t forget to laugh your pants off now and then!!!!!

Well…Let’s begin again, shall we?

It’s been a while, but one thing I can’t stand is endless recaps. That is what has kept me away.

So, long story short- we’re all great, happy, healthy, husband working from home now and I’m learning dreaming big is the only way to go.

Now…let’s talk about this header! You know…that thing..^^^^ up there…please tell me I won’t be arrested or fined for having it there because I LOVE that fabric pattern and have wanted it in my life for YEARS and this is the only way I’ve been able to do it so far. You may thank that Echino and the animal damask print for re-awakening my blogy spirit.

*taking a moment for your thanks*

AND now that I’ve said hellooooo, what….next…..hmmmm…..

HOW about I tell y’all (<–woo, I’m suthern now!..no, not really, but it’s fun to pretend.) about the silly art thingy I made this last summer?! YEAH!!!!

Inspired? ………don’t worry……….hesitation is the normal response to this kind of…high talent art.


Done with stretched and primed canvas…I’m pretty sure I painted over something I hated…so you know…in future centuries when they x-ray it all of the naturally mama connoisseurs out there will have a field day….I used prussian blue oil for the base, cut my own poster board cutouts…out…, tacked em on (learned a lesson in making holes on canvas with that one…no, it isn’t the best method), then…for the part that I wouldn’t recommend ANYONE without YEARS of private art school undertake…….I sprayed on some fluorescent spray paint.

I know what you’re thinking.  How daring! How state of the art!

Yes yes…we all know that’s me. (I’m actually not sure if I’m being sarcastic here or not…sorry…can’t help you out.)

Actually………………..IF I had access to fluorescent pigments (still working on that…sometimes…) then I would have cut up my own oil paint and, using a knife, produced something much more…. provocative. A la Francoise Nielly….kinda. Yeah, it’s a stretch. I am very inspired by her technique. I know the power of painting with a knife. It is bold, fearless statements you make, not the timid, shaking hand, flat and muddy images. I want the BRIGHTS….look at this-


Read more about Nielly here.

All it takes is BIG canvas, homemade flouro oil paint, a black and white photo, a knife and some freaking amazing talent. I have……a knife…..

Dream big, Melissa! You can do it!!!

Awesome. Now, my next project is soooorrrrrtaaaaaa recreating/modiating (does that work? modifying/creating? prolly not!) one of theeeese-


For LESS THAN……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….$3000!!!!!!!!!

What? So…it’s waaaaaay less than that. But that’s what it costs to buy, so I’m maken it cheaplier!!!! HA HA HA! Joke’s on you, smarty pants!

Here’s the beginning of it……



Lay off about the dishes, k? I have kids.

That might explain the bundle of drying lavender as well. :D Mama’s gotta keep her sanity to raise those happy healthy kids! Very dark chocolate helps too.

Here they are, in all their cute and mischievous glory!

Drayke and Zha Zha…who has recently become a girl………

Sirena riding her brother. Giggles everywhere! And our sad, neglected vacuum.

More about my chandelier/birdcage/lamp next and maybe I’ll show you some other updates/improvements we’re working on.

Oh, speaking of improvements, I just downloaded The Happiness Project. So…that should be cool. Have you read that? Who couldn’t use a little more happiness in their lives?

Ok, have an excellent day and enjoy the sunsets!


Now, it’s about time, I think……….

Here she is 5 days old on her Daddy’s chest in our backyard under the pines, enjoying some fresh air.

Born August 21, 2010

Sirena Lola Nyc

Here she is at around 2 months old with her big brother, Drayke.

I love this grainy picture…both my kids nursing. So sweet. Really, unbelievably, lovey sweet. :-)

Here’s my sweet Surra a few days ago.

And I just watched her roll over!!!! :-) Sort of a new thing around here.

Sorry I’ve taken so long to update…I’ve just been enjoying my family so much. I find myself basking in her smiles and squeals and just not having time to blog. But, today felt right.

Her big brother, Drayke, aka “Sunshine boy”, thinks she’s “good”. …well, I kinda put him on the spot, so that’s a reasonable answer for a 2 1/2 year old. They get along very well…no jealousy so far. I really think tandem nursing has helped ease in the transition. As for Surra (as Drayke calls her), she finds her big brother completely fascinating. Surpassed, purrhaps, only by the cats.

Her eyes seem to be settling on golden hazel, a color I can’t get enough of. Drayke’s eyes are sort of a warm molasses…that liquid reddish brown. I would stare into their eyes all day if they’d let me. I think she may have her Daddy’s long toes and my long hands. Her smile is so enormously rewarding. She has pixie ears. When I find my phone I’ll take some pics and prove it to ya!

She is a GOOD sleeper!!! Which is amazing considering Drayke still wakes up every few hours most nights. And she is about thiiiis close to crawling already just so she can follow her brother around…which I don’t think he’ll mind.

She sings. :-) When there’s music playing she kinda does a short soft “sigh” over and over and over again in the same tone.

If you give noisy kisses or zerburt (this is not just a local word, right? You grok zerburt?) her belly she starts giggling. It’s not very often we hear her laugh yet so it’s surprising and really exciting when she does.

We are all in love.

She wants me to hold her now, so I will write more later…how later, I’m not sure. I definitely want to keep this blog updated…just not exactly sure what that means yet.

Keep warm, my friends.

PS: Birth story coming soon…

Quick update…

I’m stiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllll pregnant.

My son told me she’ll be born next week. Most likely after my parent’s visit. They’re stopping by on their way home from Colorado, to visit my sister, back to Fortuna, California. They’re HOPING to bond with our baby girl…but that may only be possible through my belly. :-T We’ll see.

If she’s really cooperative, she’ll come this weekend. THAT would be perfect! Knowing our family and how we enjoy being a little odd, she’ll probably come on Friday the 13th. Either way…I’m not too uncomfortable at the moment, so come when you’re ready, little one. :-)